Capital League Her Wealth

Her Wealth

Capital League is founded and led by women leaders. As an all-women team, we acknowledge the need for a women-centric wealth advisory. A service that is dedicated to meeting their unique needs and distinct approach to wealth. Our experience and various studies on the subject show that:

  • Women are informed investors but relatively lack confidence due to social conditioning.
  • Over a working life, women tend to have less earning power compared to men. This translates into wealth and retirement gaps viz. men.
  • Women live longer and thus need to plan for longer retirements.
  • Women tend to make fewer large financial decisions in a household. Thus they are less prepared for the loss of a spouse, retirement, or feeling pressured to make financial decisions.

We have been serving women clients for over two decades. Through interactive communication, financial literacy, and insights from live cases, we hope to make our women clients confident of their wealth journey. Her Wealth is our bespoke offering for high-net-worth women to help them realise the full potential of their wealth.